Disney Ears About Page

The Disney Ears Passion and Mission

Some say Disney Ears are a rite of passage and earned after someone has a number of visits under their belt. Some plan for months and years for their first Disney trip and you better believe there is the perfect set of Disney Ears they’ve found to compliment an outfit. Some may wear matching Disney Ears for a bachelorette, birthday, or engagement party. Some will have the perfect pair of Disney Ears to every occasion, holiday, princess, character, movie, show, and more!

Whatever reason or occasion you are wearing your Disney Ears for; each one has a story and memories to last a lifetime. We want to be a part of that story and help you create a magical experience with every pair of Disney Ears.

Our mission is to offer the most creative, durable, and comfortable Disney Ears available with styles for every guest.

The Disney Ears Guarantee

If you’re unsatisfied with your ears for any reason, you can return or exchange them by following our Return Policy. We understand that not everything looks exactly the way you pictured it online. Maybe you and your Disney posse were going as Minnie Mouse and now it’s a Princess themed park day. We get it.

The Disney Ears Designer Partner Program

Disney Ears will offer a platform that allows designers to showcase their products with us. We couldn’t offer every Disney-goer the number of designs out there alone without compromising quality. We will, however, offer the same Disney Ears guarantee for everything we offer. Before partnering with a designer they will be required to apply for partnership and qualify under the following criteria:

  • Product Quality – each design and product will be examined for quality. We want the most unique and creative designs you have to offer! We just want them to make our guests happy. Our job is to make sure they are made with quality material and are assembled with the strength for a 4-park-hopping day at Disney.
  • Consistency – Each designer will be graded based on both the consistency of the product itself and the consistency in stock of the products they offer. In some cases, designs are initially sent with the best quality and can decline as there’s a need for consistent demand. Our guests want the best products every time. We also want to make sure we have a consistent inventory of each design. We may run out of stock from time-to-time, but we have created a plan to help ensure that rarely happens.
  • Partnership – Each Disney Ears partner will be required to follow our administrative guidelines and will be evaluated on a regular basis to certify they offer the magic our guests deserve. We want to create a better environment for our designer partners to showcase their products. We promise to offer our design partners the best platform to do so. Disney Ears will offer dedicated support for each designer partner throughout every step of the way in our partnership. Whether you have a suggestion to improve our magical experience or need technical support, we will be available. We couldn’t be Disney Ears without our partners.

Thank You

Thank you for making our dream a reality. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us and letting us be a part of them. Thank you for sharing your love of Disney with us and helping spread positivity.

  • The Disney Ears Cast